This is daughter #2’s new braid loc’d hairIMG_4225So I gave up on my sisterlocks. The maintenance on my hair drove me crazy, and I had a lot of lumpy ends which I hated. My hair is now natural and I do mostly was and go’s. I cut off about half of the length of my locs and took down the rest so it wasn’t too short.
My daughter continues to do well with her microlocs. They don’t have to Ben retightened as often as mine did. Every 6-8 weeks and it takes less time than mine did. Also no Lumpiness. I started larger braid locs on my younger daughter a couple of weeks ago.


This is my daughter’s hair now, a couple of years out


Almost 2 years out update from a blogging slacker

It really has been a long time since I last posted and I feel bad because most people that check out my blog would love some step by step info on what sisterlocks are like at all stages. So to you out there: sorry.

My biracial, softish curls have taken a really long time to loc. As in, my hair still isn’t fully loc’d. 23 months out. The first year was honeymoon like with baby Locs that did what I told them to. They were nice and thin. They curled. Really they were super cute. Then, around 18 months, came the teen years. Wow, what a pain in the ass. My hair was bushy, difficult and generally unseemly. I was really thinking about cutting it off. But I held on. The difficult part of the teen years , and, to some extent still at present, was that I really had to spend time curling my hair to make it look good. I can’t, and really, could never, just wash and go. I would look like a scarecrow. I avoid water like the plague. Starting in the teenage years, the ends of some Locs have gotten really bulky

Bulky ends

Bulky ends

I usually use either wrap a Locs or foam rollers that you roll then put the end through the loop. Sorry. I can’t remember what they are called. Alternatively I will braid my hair. In any case, it is at least 1/2 hour of time I spend that I don’t really want to. And I find it tends to fall out by half way through the week so I have to at least partially do it again. Annoying. Recently I have started using some setting lotion instead of just water which helps a bit.

The second problem is that I can’t wash my hair as often as I would like. I work out a lot and I also have scalp problems (which haven’t improved with the lack of chemicals) but I find slippage gets worse when I wash and I already have to retighten every 4-5 weeks (3 hours with my superfast loctician).  I get a lot of slippage, probably because I sweat a lot when I workout. My daughter gets hers retightened every 7-8 weeks for 2.5 hours ). Drives me crazy.

also, my hair is so bulky that even though it is fairly long, it is really hard to put in a ponytail.

On the plus side, I rarely have really bad hair days, and once it is done, I don’t have to do much of anything in the am. However, I always worry that my hair will smell sweaty after working out.

I do generally think it looks nice

also, I learned how to retighten my own hair which I think will decrease the number of times I go into the salon, especially as I get better at it.

In spite of the negatives, I don’t regret locing my hair as I am happy not to put chemicals in. And I like the idea of Locs. I hope the look will continue to improve as my hair matures

Here is a pic of my full head.



Ugh. The teenage years

So I realized that my hair has hit the teens. Big chunks of hair at the ends, whereas before my curler curls would last for a week, now they barely last for two days! I want to put it in a ponytail but it is TOO BIG TO FIT. I’m hoping this phase doesn’t last for too long!
By the way, my Locs are 10 months old. 



So it has been a little  over a month since my daughter had her braidlocs installed and almost 4 since I had my sister locks installed. She had her first re-ti yesterday and I had my 3rd or 4th.  Her hair is doing great.  Although not much seems to be happening with my hair, it is getting a bit bulkier, although not much longer!  I have also been fighting with 2, 3, and 4 headed dragons in the front half.  Lots of snipping at my re-ti’s!ImageImage

Still regularly curling my hair with softlocs; gives a nice curl until the next wash.  little tray curlies along my hairline don’t make me so happy!


2 in the family

9 and 1/2 hours later, my daughter’s hair is finally done. Our consultant estimated for 6 hours, so it was a long haul for me, although my daughter weathered it extremely well, happily watching movies and with nary a complaint. To speed things along, I did quite a bit of the braiding, about a quarter of her head, so I was pretty tired by the end of it!  Her babies are micro, smaller than mine, although I had requested the same size. I think that this is because her hair is thinner than mine. In any case she is quite happy. I am a little bit worries about maintenance, as after a night with rollers in I had to carefully separate the ends because they were already matting together!  I am sure that she will have mature Locs long before IImageImageImage



So tomorrow I am bringing my older daughter to get her hair locked. I am excited because I will no longer have to de tangle her hair and she is happy because her hair will look like mine. She will get micro braids or twists, which will be faster and cheaper than sisterlocks but will end up with the same results. I have to get lots of movies together for her to watch for the 6 or so hours that it will take.  Can’t wait!

i haven’t posted about my hair in a while. Nothing too much is happening with it. I have had a LOT of slippage this month. I am not sure why as I am very careful to braid and band when washing and I don’t put in any products….also at the front there are two Locs which are matted together. I tried to pull them apart but one is now super thin at the base and I am worried it is going to break. Crikey, losing Locs already? 2.5months in?  Ah well,I have my appointment on Tuesday.  Hopefully she will fix me up. 



First re-ti

I wrote a post over a week ago about going to the Toronto natural hair and beauty show but I don’t think that wordpress likes Apple computers because I have been unable to publish it.

Anyway, i my first re tightening on Tuesday at about 5 weeks. The few days before my hair was getting a bit scruffy looking and the re ti really helped with that. It took a little over two hours so not too bad. Some of my Locs were trying to get together for a little hanky panky and my consultant had to snip a couple of hairs. I am going to have to be more careful about separating after washing from now on. Too easy to develop two headed dragons.

I am just about ready to loc one of my daughter’a hair. I am fed up with the weekly maintenance and she is willing…. I won’t have actual sisterlocks put in. Just two stranded twists or braids in a grid pattern. Maybe before Christmas?




I may have mentioned a slight tendency to OCD when it comes to my hair. I still spend an inordinate amount of time on the net searching sisterlocks and have come across some very cute styles. One that I quite liked that I saw from a few different you tubers was the Victory roll. Today I decided to try it out. I rolled the front asymmetrically and secured with hair pins then put rollers in the back. Total active time: 13 minutes. Loving my Locs!