So it has been a little  over a month since my daughter had her braidlocs installed and almost 4 since I had my sister locks installed. She had her first re-ti yesterday and I had my 3rd or 4th.  Her hair is doing great.  Although not much seems to be happening with my hair, it is getting a bit bulkier, although not much longer!  I have also been fighting with 2, 3, and 4 headed dragons in the front half.  Lots of snipping at my re-ti’s!ImageImage

Still regularly curling my hair with softlocs; gives a nice curl until the next wash.  little tray curlies along my hairline don’t make me so happy!


2 thoughts on “UPdate

  1. I am in Toronto so you are out of luck there. That being said, I think that in the end braidlocks and sisterlocks end up looking essentially identical. I certainly can’t tell that my daughter’s hair started out as braids. Perhaps it would be more obvious if the Locs were as big as mine. In fact I think her hair looks nicer, probably because she doesn’t have relaxed ends and her curl pattern is tighter. In summary, if you are going for small size Locs, I think braidlocks are just as good, assuming that the person who puts them in does a good pattern. If you want larger Locs, I would go for sisterlocks. Also, remember, the smaller the Locs, the longer the retighten!!!

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