Almost 2 years out update from a blogging slacker

It really has been a long time since I last posted and I feel bad because most people that check out my blog would love some step by step info on what sisterlocks are like at all stages. So to you out there: sorry.

My biracial, softish curls have taken a really long time to loc. As in, my hair still isn’t fully loc’d. 23 months out. The first year was honeymoon like with baby Locs that did what I told them to. They were nice and thin. They curled. Really they were super cute. Then, around 18 months, came the teen years. Wow, what a pain in the ass. My hair was bushy, difficult and generally unseemly. I was really thinking about cutting it off. But I held on. The difficult part of the teen years , and, to some extent still at present, was that I really had to spend time curling my hair to make it look good. I can’t, and really, could never, just wash and go. I would look like a scarecrow. I avoid water like the plague. Starting in the teenage years, the ends of some Locs have gotten really bulky

Bulky ends

Bulky ends

I usually use either wrap a Locs or foam rollers that you roll then put the end through the loop. Sorry. I can’t remember what they are called. Alternatively I will braid my hair. In any case, it is at least 1/2 hour of time I spend that I don’t really want to. And I find it tends to fall out by half way through the week so I have to at least partially do it again. Annoying. Recently I have started using some setting lotion instead of just water which helps a bit.

The second problem is that I can’t wash my hair as often as I would like. I work out a lot and I also have scalp problems (which haven’t improved with the lack of chemicals) but I find slippage gets worse when I wash and I already have to retighten every 4-5 weeks (3 hours with my superfast loctician).  I get a lot of slippage, probably because I sweat a lot when I workout. My daughter gets hers retightened every 7-8 weeks for 2.5 hours ). Drives me crazy.

also, my hair is so bulky that even though it is fairly long, it is really hard to put in a ponytail.

On the plus side, I rarely have really bad hair days, and once it is done, I don’t have to do much of anything in the am. However, I always worry that my hair will smell sweaty after working out.

I do generally think it looks nice

also, I learned how to retighten my own hair which I think will decrease the number of times I go into the salon, especially as I get better at it.

In spite of the negatives, I don’t regret locing my hair as I am happy not to put chemicals in. And I like the idea of Locs. I hope the look will continue to improve as my hair matures

Here is a pic of my full head.



One thought on “Almost 2 years out update from a blogging slacker

  1. Val says:

    I am deciding if I should start my locs via braidlocs or sisterlocks? Love both you and your daughters. I have had locks before but not sisterlocks or the braidlocks. I am in atlanta area. Who did your daughter hair? Looks so good.

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