So it has been a little  over a month since my daughter had her braidlocs installed and almost 4 since I had my sister locks installed. She had her first re-ti yesterday and I had my 3rd or 4th.  Her hair is doing great.  Although not much seems to be happening with my hair, it is getting a bit bulkier, although not much longer!  I have also been fighting with 2, 3, and 4 headed dragons in the front half.  Lots of snipping at my re-ti’s!ImageImage

Still regularly curling my hair with softlocs; gives a nice curl until the next wash.  little tray curlies along my hairline don’t make me so happy!


First re-ti

I wrote a post over a week ago about going to the Toronto natural hair and beauty show but I don’t think that wordpress likes Apple computers because I have been unable to publish it.

Anyway, i my first re tightening on Tuesday at about 5 weeks. The few days before my hair was getting a bit scruffy looking and the re ti really helped with that. It took a little over two hours so not too bad. Some of my Locs were trying to get together for a little hanky panky and my consultant had to snip a couple of hairs. I am going to have to be more careful about separating after washing from now on. Too easy to develop two headed dragons.

I am just about ready to loc one of my daughter’a hair. I am fed up with the weekly maintenance and she is willing…. I won’t have actual sisterlocks put in. Just two stranded twists or braids in a grid pattern. Maybe before Christmas?




I may have mentioned a slight tendency to OCD when it comes to my hair. I still spend an inordinate amount of time on the net searching sisterlocks and have come across some very cute styles. One that I quite liked that I saw from a few different you tubers was the Victory roll. Today I decided to try it out. I rolled the front asymmetrically and secured with hair pins then put rollers in the back. Total active time: 13 minutes. Loving my Locs!


Unexpected benefits

This morning when I took a shower, I was finished unexpectedly early. I have noticed that it takes much less time than it did pre-locs because I don’t have to do anything to my hair! I get out, take off my shower cap, run my hands through my hair and that’s it. It does take a bit of time to wash it because of the braiding and banding, but not any more time than wash, condition, de tangle and style for sure. In fact, quite a bit less. I do spend 10 or 15 min before bed after a wash putting rollers in. So that’s once or twice a week.  In summary, 30 minutes every 5 days. Can’t get much better than that!


My sister in law saved my (hair) life

So after my installation for about 3 days I thought that I was going to rip my scalp off, it was so itchy.  No flaking etc, just itchy.  I tried washing it (I did the whole banding thing; my first attempt wasn’t too successful, but that is beside the point) but it didn’t make any difference.  I was speaking to my sister-in-law and mentioned this and she asked me if I had tried taking an antihistamine.  So I did and it was like day and night!  The itching stopped immediately!  It seems that it was just a reaction to the pulling and had nothing to do with any scalp issues that I have.  So if you or your sister(locks)s have itchiness right after installation/tightening, it is something to try!!! You do not have to shave them off!


D Day

I wanted to write down a little more about my installation day.  I got there at 5:30 am and we got started around 5:45.  We finished at 9:56 pm.  The first 12 hours went by surprisingly fast, but after that it kind of went downhill for me.  My backside was so sore!

My loctitian divided my hair in 4, but the back quarters, which she did first, were much bigger than the front ones.  This was nice because although the back took a long time, the front quarters went much faster and so it felt less painfully long.  We decided on medium at the front and medium-large at the back, because I have a lot of hair, and one of my aims was to reduce the bulk.  I was also hoping to not have too many locs, so that re-ti’s are quicker.  Unfortunately, because of my big head and dense hair, I have ended up with around 700 locs. I don’t have an exact count, and I never will. I will never get back the lost time I would spend counting my hair so I AM NOT GOING TO.  I have a job and 3 children to raise and I spend enough time obsessing about my hair without bloody counting it.

So what did I do for 17 hours??? Watched 3 movies, including ‘Midnight’s Children’ which was fantastic.  I knitted a cute headscarf which I will try to post a pic of for you knitters out there.  I worked on a sweater I am knitting for one of my daughters.  I texted my friends.  I posted updates here!

I am quite happy with the job my loctitian did, but it really didn’t look so hot at the end. The loose ends were all frizzy and the locs were quite straight.  My loctitian gave me some ideas (including ‘china bumps’ but I was afraid, since it felt pretty tight, that I wasn’t going to be able to sleep on them) and rollers.  I asked her about a curling iron, but she said to limit its use because it will delay loc’ing.  So in the end I spent 10 min putting in sponge rollers before I went to bed, and presto! I woke up with fabulous hair.

My husband isn’t sold on it and no one at work even noticed (that, or they think it looks like s* and so avoided saying anything, but I really think the former), but my friends, some cousins and my sister-in-law have been quite supportive which has been nice.  Now if I can only stop this itching!!!